Sep 16 - 17


5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Sunayana – Yoga for Eyes

* As a precautionary measure we're opening only few slots per workshop
* All social distancing guidelines are mandatory to be adhered to.

(Age: 7+ years)

A series of effective and dynamic practices to improve your eye sight. It is recommended for those with Myopia (nearsightedness) or Hyperopia (farsightedness).

Simple Yet Powerful

Regular practice of Sunayana revitalises your eyes in many ways:

  • Improves vision.
  • Brightens the eyes.

Program requirement:

  • Suitable for anyone who is 7yrs +
  • Suitable for anyone who is above 8+ years
  • Paarticipant Must finish the any one of the Following Programs are Mandatory.i.e Upa Yoga,Surya Kriya,Yogasanas,Aungamardana,Surya Shakti.
  • Pre-registration mandatory
  • No refund after registration
  • Light stomach condition required to attend session (2.5 hours gap after meals for adults)

Covid 19 Guidelines:

  • These sessions are hosted in small groups. If you have any travel history in the recent 14 days before the session, please let the teacher know before registering.
  • If you have any symptoms of flu or cold, please avoid registering for the session.
  • Please carry a face mask.


Lotus Hatha Yoga Studio, Kushaiguda, Hyderabad
Lotus Hatha Yoga Studio, Kushaiguda, Hyderabad


Yoga for Eyes
Krishna Kumari


Krishna Kumari

Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher Batch of 2014


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